Work work work and a new instagram account

So, it’s been a while since i hade time to write here but it’s been quite busy in the world of JResin. Work takes up a lot of time, life takes time and creating art takes time but now i have a few minutes over to write something here.

First I’ve been working on not one but two new images and it’s been a blast, so much fun. Both are a little dark in their own ways just like i like my artwork to be and besides working on those I’ve started to play around with ideas for three or four new images. I feel like my brain is made of a spunge just sucking in tons of inspiration right now and I’m enjoying it. These are the two latest images I’ve been working on.

We put our trust in technology, went from farmers to tech junkies, all was fine until we took it to far.
Scorched eath takes place after we destroyed the earth with pollution, the third world war wasn’t fought with guns, it was us against ourselves.

Second, I started a new Instagram account that’s all about music so go check that out it’s jresin_music (@jresin_music). I write about records i collect and like so it’s not really reviews and more why i like the records I write about (it’s records from my own collection and i tend to not buy records i don’t like). Go check it out if you’re into music and rock or metal.

Third, i bought myself a mechanical keyboard and it’s taken a while to get used to it… Somehow the letters don’t want to come out in the right order yet but i love it both the feeling of typing and the clicky sound it makes.

Best regards

When life give ya lemons…

Felt good having three days of work this weekend and the plan was to have a relaxed three days with my wonderful girlfriend, listening to music, watching the Evil Dead trilogy and doing some art but life gave me a lemon and I’m drinking lemonade, dreaming of the Italian restaurant me and my girlfriend spent the evening at yesterday (art geek went food geek for one night).

It’s actually not that bad having to work 12 hours overtime even though I’d rather spent the weekend with my better half and putting the finishing touches on my latest artwork I’ve been sketching, modelling and doodling on for the better part of the week.

Had some time to kill during the weekend so I took my camera and went to the “old town” of my home town, you can check it out in an older post from November 9th where I posted a couple of photos and sketches. The 3D model is done now and I’ve been sketching on the final result on my tablet and I have a good feeling about this. Working on this artwork has got me very eager to watch the old movie Iron Giant even though I got the idea primarily from the movie Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow (a fantastic movie from 2004, quite under rated sci-fi movie).

I got a couple of other ideas to for more artwork that will take place in the old town but I won’t have time to start on those within at least a couple of weeks but it’s something I’m looking forward to like a kid looking forward to Christmas.

I couldn’t post the finished artwork like I planned on today on my personal site or on any of my social media platforms so I’ll just post a sketch here on my blog and hopefully I’ll have it done sooner than later. Remember it’s only a sketch and nothing more, can’t wait to show the final outcome.

Best regards!

Let me write about comic books

The fantastic world of comic books, something I’ll write about just to get used to a new keyboard… Get me self one of them gaming keyboards with semi-clicky keys and I’m used to typing on laptops. Anyway I got this idea about writing about comic books because of a couple of reasons and I’ll try to get them all in text and I’ll try to list the best comic books (TPB and Graphic novels) I’ve read.

Well, I got into reading comic books at a very early age. One of my best friends at the time had an older brother that used to buy comics and he kind of put them off for us to read and I was amazed by the adventures of Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Green lantern and all of the other cool characters within those pages. Later on my dad started buying comic books for me a couple of times a month (in Sweden comic books were released once a month) and man oh man did those comic books open up worlds of excitement, horror and fantasy for a kid. The same kid who later on in life started doing art because of and inspired by what he read as a kid. Sometimes I miss those important discussions about who were the strongest, fastest, coolest of them all.

First reason to writing this is that comic books took me through my youth as an outsider and sometimes bullied kid. I was no athlete in my early years, hell I was the class nerd who rather stayed home programming on my Commodore 64, playing games or some other nerdy stuff. When I had a bad day I knew I could get some comfort escaping to the worlds of comic books. I’ve noticed a couple of month ago when my dad was ill that comic books still give me that comfort as they did more than three decades ago. My dad were rushed to the hospital being very sick and the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with him coming and going in and out of consciousness the entire first night in the intensive care unit. I couldn’t do much for him besides just sitting by his side, holding his hand and comfort him like he did for me when I was scared or sad as a kid. During this night I was stressed out and during the episodes where he went out of consciousness I picked up my tablet and started reading comic books. I don’t know how many issues of Spider-man I read that night but what I do know is that reading about Peter Parker and Spider-man that night kept me calm and at ease so I could be the best son I could be for the best dad in the world. My dad survived about eight weeks before he’s heart couldn’t cope anymore and he passed away late one night in early august… Guess what I did while sitting beside his bed holding his hand the last night of his life? I kept calm by reading comic books and that helped me be a rock for my mom to lean against. Today three month later I think of my dad and all the fun we had, all things he taught me about carpentry, being a good man and taking responsibility of my own actions. I’m so happy he got the chance to see how great my life turned out, getting a new job, finding the most wonderful girlfriend and beating depression before he passed away. The best talk I had with him was when he let me talk about my life and explaining that because of him I could beat alcohol addiction before it got it’s evil claws in me for good.

The second reason for writing about comic books is that without them I would  never have started drawing, I can’t still draw (good) but it got me into photography and later digital art. Reading comic books is awesome for creativity. I’ve recently got into 3D Modelling in Blender 3D and because of that I’m on the road of science fiction and I’ve noticed that what I’m doing is more and more inspired by the comics and books I read 35 years ago. I went all in on superheroes and later on as I grew older I started to read comic  books about science fiction and later on books about science fiction and UFOs. All this means a lot to me but the best thing about comic books is that without comic books I wouldn’t have discovered cool shit like Star wars and horror. For some strange reason movies were banned of heavily cut in Sweden during the 80’s comic books were left alone by censorship it wasn’t until the 90’s they stopped censoring movies and everything were released uncut and we moviegeeks had the times of our lifes watching Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th , Texas chainsaw massacre and a lot of other movies as the were intended to be watched. So in a lot less words, comic books is great for building creativity and imagination in kids.

The third is that it’s a great entry to the world of books. Lets just face it, reading book is good and fun. I used to hate books when I was a kid, I got books for every birthday and hated them because without pictures they were so boring without pictures but the got me into reading at an early age and because of that I hade language skills beyond what a kid my age should have had. Today I love reading books (sci-fi and horror) and I’ve even started writing a book about my almost two decades working on different callcenters.

And the final fourth reason is that you can learn a lot from comic books, if you think about it. Through comic books I’ve learned how to build character, the importance of using personal strength to take care of others and the importance of being a good man. That is something more people should learn today I belive, it’s like we forgot how to think about our fellow man these days and to many modern tv-series makes criminals the heroes like for instance in series like Breaking bad, Sons of anarchy and other crappy series. Reading about Superman using his strength to help others, reading about Peter Parker fighting his personal problems being a kid and Spider-man and all the other heroes helped forming the person I became as an adult.

So, time to put an end to this post and start talking about my favourite go to comic books, trade paper backs and graphic novels.

1 – The life and times of Scrooge McDuck, this is the most fun I’ve had reading a comic book in years. It’s something that’ll work for both kids and adults with fantastic artwork by the amazing Don Rosa.

2 – Watchmen, there’s not much to say about this besides fuck them series and skip the movie and read the comic instead… It’s just so much better!

3 – Star wars dark empire. It’s no secret that I don’t like the prequels and that I’m not a fan of the sequels. Dark empire is a fantastic end to the original trilogy and it’s so stupid of Disney not to make the dark empire into the final trilogy of the Skywalker saga.

4 – Batman the killing joke. This is gritty and raw as hell beginning with the joker shooting Gordons daughter and ending with Batman almost being as crazy as the Joker.

5 – Frank Millers Dark Knight returns. If you don’t for some strange reason don’t like reading comics watch the animated movies instead. This is the reason I fell in love with the works of Frank Miller. This is super dark, the artwork is spot on and nothing short of amazing.

6 – Camelot 3000, I’ve always loved the Arthurian stories and this takes all that into the future in the most amazing way. Artwork isn’t the best and very 80’s-ish but the story is amazing and it’s a very fun take on the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

7 – The Crow, dark and beautiful with amazing art and fantastic story just like the movie.

There’s so much more to recommend like Spawn, Judge Dredd, Sin City and a lot more to sink your teeth into. It’s sad that comic books are a dying form of media these days (at least in Sweden) or being replaced by crapy toys in platic bags (in Sweden) but in the same time it’s so much fun these days going to the movies to watch the old superheroes that shaped me into who I am coming to life on the big screen. It’s a sad and amazing time we live in being a nerd.

Best regards

It all starts with sketches

I don’t regret buying a Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite with a stylus pen for doing sketches, but I was a bit hesitant since I’m kind of an old school guy when it comes to some things in my life for instance I love shaving myself with a straight razor, I prefer to listen to music on vinyl and I prefer to draw on pen and paper. It’s just so awesome being able to draw something when I’m not at home (the mediapad is always in my bag), send it to either Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive and open it right into Photoshop when I get home to finalize the sketches before firing up Blender.

Right now I’m working on an idea of a robot army from outer space attacking the old town of my hometown. It’s a part of Luleå that’s very old and absolutely amazing to walk around in, It’s just like going back in time to before Sweden became the industrial society we are today (or were). If you haven’t visited Luleå before this old town is a good reason as any to visit both in summer and in the winter.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Luleå old town (Gammelstaden)

Gammelstaden or Gammelstad (Luleå Old Town) is a locality situated in Luleå Municipality, Norrbotten County, Sweden with 4,960 inhabitants in 2010. It is known for the Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A thousand years ago Luleå district consisted of an archipelago: the land was ten metres lower than today, pushed down by the weight of ice in the last ice age. The church hill of present-day Gammelstad was a small island at the mouth of the Lule river. During the 14th century the area became the centre of a parish stretching from the coast to the Norwegian mountains along the Kalix, Lule and Råne rivers.

After the Treaty of Nöteborg in 1323, Sweden and Russia disagreed about their northern border. To secure the area the Swedish state entrusted the Lule river valley to burghers from Central Sweden. The church sent out priests and built simple wooden churches, and 1339 was the first year church services were mentioned as having been held in ‘Luleå’. Church, taxation and Swedish legislation were used to incorporate what is today Norrbotten into the Swedish state.

The building of Nederluleå Church commenced during the fifteenth century. This is a large building, reflecting the economic prosperity of the area, presumably based on trading fur and salmon. In the seventeenth century the rule was applied more strictly that all trade should be centred on the towns where it could be taxed, and in 1621 the town of Luleå was founded on the site of the old marketplace. It was noted as early as 1649 that the harbour had become too shallow owing to the land elevation.

The burghers of Luleå were forced to move their town nearer the coast. This led to the establishment of Luleå New Town and Luleå Old Town, present-day Luleå and Gammelstad, respectively. To the north-east of Gammelstad church, a few blocks with courtyards laid out at right-angles still remain, which have their roots in the 17th Century.

I’m so looking forward to next weeks days of to start modelling the robots in Blender and get this project going. The inspiration comes from the new BBC series war of the worlds and the old series The Tripods that scared me crazy being a kid.

Best regards

Time to go Blade Runner on ya!

Morning followers, minions and other strange creatures from around the galaxy. It’s morning when I
write this but when I’ll publish it is another question. I’m having a day off from work (with my work that happens a lot) so I’ve started working on a new piece of art loosely based on the movie Blade Runner.

I’ve loved the movie Blade Runner since the first time I watched it and I’ve watched it a lot of times over
the years. Probably not as many times as I’ve watched the first Star Wars (250-ish times) but more times
than you can call healthy. I love just about everything with that movie but what I like the most is the
environments and the gritty streets, so moody with the dark colors and rain. I Don’t know if my love for
that is the fact that I grew up in a industrial city in the north of Sweden that during the winter kind of
reminds you of a winterish Blade Runner environment. What I do know is that my days of playing RPGs
the old school way (pen and paper you know) has had an impact on me that I hope shines through in my

The other thing I fell in love with from Blade Runner is the music, the dark and moody music by Vangelis.
I’ve always been a huge fan of music from different genres. This movie opened up my eyes towards dark
moody synth music and man have I been on the hunt for the soundtrack for this movie. Just to describe
how much I love the soundtrack, I was in Gothenburg for a couple of days a couple of years ago to work
and hade the weekend off. I googled for record stores and found ONE that sold this soundtrack on vinyl
so I put on my blue suede shoes and took a walk to that store, problem was that the store was 20km
away. I Actually walked 40km to buy that record, I didn’t take any kind of transport just out of fear of
getting lost and not being able to find the store. The Soundtrack for the new Blade Runner isn’t all that
bad, just not as good as the first one.

Now, back to the artwork. I’m working on something that could kind of fit into the Blade Runner universe
and it’s so much fun. I’m getting to the level in Blender that I don’t have to guess so much and Blender is
working for me, not against me. It’s fun making more advanced models and combining them with
photographs in Photoshop and making the whole thing look like a painting.

This is what I’m working on in Blender right now, the backdrop will be a composition of different stock photos and painting techniques. If all goes to plan it’s going to be something in the style of Blade Runner with a touch of Simon Stålenhag.

Best Regards


One final time!

Ok, I’ll try this bloging thing one final time. I have med a couple of attempts Before to start bloging but it hasn’t been to successfull. It’s not that i don’t like to write (hey i’m Writing a book) but in the past i didn’t have the time to write as much as i wanted.

So, what will i do to make it work this time? Well me, myself and my ocd light have made sort of a list and it goes as this.

1 – Write during the week and publish during the weekend.

2 – Take time from doing art.

3 – Focus on subjects (art, Movies, Music, Comic books and other stuff that’s relevant for the blog).

4 – Have fun with it!

I do think these four points in the list will do the difference.

Best Regards!
/JResin – Digital artist